My Mission: Make You Look Good!



Creative Consultant
Freelance Graphic and Website Designer
August 2011 to Present

Tysons Corner, VA


Adobe Creative Cloud Suite:
(I’ve worked with Adobe software since the mid-1990s)
• Photoshop
• InDesign
• Illustrator
• Acrobat
• Premiere Pro
• Lightroom

Microsoft Office 365:
(I’ve worked with Microsoft Office software since it began in the 1990s)
• Word
• PowerPoint
• Excel
• Publisher
• Outlook
• Office 365 Administrator

WordPress website software
(I’ve worked on websites since 2000; WordPress software since 2011)

Cynthia J. Kwitchoff provides graphic and print design/publishing, websites, marketing and communication, video and photography services and more to individuals, small businesses and organizations. I handle all of these services for my clients so they can focus on their main job. My goal is to make my clients look good by giving them a professional look to portray to the world.

My background/knowledge of security, intelligence, counterintelligence (CI) and counterterrorism (CT) (having been employed or associated with the Intelligence Community since July 1989) enable me to bring an extra value-added dimension to many of my clients in these fields in that I understand what they do and how to promote their work.

Current and past clients for whom I’ve created their branding, websites, print and marketing materials, books, reports, graphics, video, photography, social media, email marketing, and much more include: 

STARRS (Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services)
LtCol Matthew Lohmeier (Author, public speaker)
MacArthur Society of West Point Graduates
Jamie Williamson – Global Executive Management

Ray Semko: The D*I*C*E Man (Security Awareness Professional Public Speaker) 
Ray Batvinis, PhD – FBI Studies  (Author of FBI counterintelligence history)
Dr. David Charney – NOIR For USA (New solution to Insider Threat/Spy problem)

Stephen Coughlin – Unconstrained Analytics (Advanced CT and Political Analysis)
Dr. Sebastian Gorka – The Gorka Briefing (Counterterrorism commentator)
John Guandolo – Understanding The Threat (CT Education and Awareness)
Katherine Gorka – Threat Knowledge Group (CT Training/Analysis Company)
Tera Dahl – Council on Global Security (DC-based advocacy/CT analysis organization)

Edward Mickolus, PhD (Book Author)
Intelligence Risk Management Publications
Daniel Morgan Academy (National Security Graduate School in Washington, DC)
TASC, Inc.

C.S.I Checklist (Crime scene phone app created by forensics expert Tom Mauriello)

Gayle Trotter – Right in DC (Political commentator)
EPAC (Ensure the Preservation of America and Our Constitution)

Kris & John Walker – Walker Team Realtors (VA-DC-MD Realtors; Top 1% in Nation)
Kelly Goggin – Botanical Collections (US Wholesaler of European pottery)
David Charney, MD – Roundhouse Counseling Center
Tera Dahl – Benefits of Heat & Light (and more)
Nancy Quatrono – On Target Words (copywriting & editing)
Maria Brazda – Leopard Media Group

Wingfield Family Society (Genealogy organization)
Germanna Foundation (Historic Virginia Colonial properties and genealogy organization)
Hebron Lutheran Church Foundation (Historic first Lutheran church in US)

Harlan Rector – Rector Creative Enterprises (Book Author)
And many other individual authors


GRAPHIC & PRINT DESIGN — Reports • White Papers • Newsletters • Catalogs • Business cards • Letterhead • Envelopes • Brochures • Advertisements • Posters • Flyers • Postcards • Rackcards • Folders • Indoor and Outdoor Signage • Conference Booth material • Certificates • Greeting Cards • Invitations • Calendars • Resumes • Forms • Training materials • Pins • Challenge Coins • Memo pads • Promotional Items • Print-on-Demand Items, and more

BOOK PUBLISHING — Design and professionally format book layout • Design front and back cover • Format text for e-book/Kindle • Get book published in print and e-reader formats • Print on Demand • Self-Publishing • E-books  VIEW BOOKS I’VE WORKED ON

WEBSITES — I’ve been designing and working on websites since 2000 • WordPress Website Design and Redesign • Update and maintenance • Blogs • News • Social media • SEO • Mailing lists • Email mailing lists, newsletters, surveys, events • Graphics • Online Video • Audio podcasts • Domain names • Web statistics • Research • Content collection • Monitor and post media appearances  VIEW WEBSITES I’VE CREATED

MARKETING, COMMUNICATION & SOCIAL MEDIA — Branding/Logos • Brochures • Business cards • Social media branding • Social media graphics • Email mailing lists and newsletters • Flyers • Postcards • Rackcards • Promotional products • Press releases • Convention/ conference/ trade show booth materials (banners, tablecloths, backdrops) • Advertisements (print, video, web) • Online video • Audio & video podcasts

POWERPOINT® — I’ve been working with Microsoft PowerPoint since 1992 (two years after it began on Windows) • Presentations • Slide Backgrounds • Graphics • Enhancing • Editing • Reformatting • Marquees/Slide Shows for conferences, kiosks • Embedded video and audio

VIDEO — I’ve worked with video since the mid-1990s • Filming (Training Courses, Events, Speakers, Interview, Home Tours) • Editing & Production • DVDs and packaging • Online video • Embedded video in PowerPoint • Company videos • Training Videos • Video series • Video podcasts • Commercials • B-roll • Stock • Green Screen • YouTube & Vimeo channels • YouTube Channel Producer • Camera Operator: Operating live professional grade camera • Director: Live directing and switching of multi-cameras at events • Video Studio Equipment and Setup  •  Zoom Meetings and Webinars

PHOTOGRAPHY — I started taking photographs when my parents bought a Canon AE-1 in the early 1980s • Take photos for clients as needed for events and people for their websites or marketing material • Events • Informal portraiture • Homes Tours • Surge support as an extra photographer assistant 


Manager, Creative Communications Department

Strategic Intelligence Division/Intelligence Operations Business Unit
May 2011 to August 2011

Casual (freelancer) Employee: September 2011 to February 2013

Chantilly, VA

TASC is a defense/intelligence government contractor. Managed three sections consisting of about 25 employees who were graphic artists/designers working at different TASC client onsite locations. Fixed personnel problems, managed utilization rate challenges, re-organized department for efficiency, developed creative ideas and solutions, worked on contract proposals.

The expected contract in which I was hired to work on fell through so I decided to switch to working as a TASC Casual Employee (freelancer), i.e. work whenever there is work from different TASC clients that needs to be done. In this capacity, I provided graphic and print design/publishing, video, photography, organizational and other consulting services to TASC headquarters and a number of their government clients.


(Also known as David G. Major Associates, Inc. and previously: Major, Capps & Associates, Inc.)

Director of Productions

December 1999 to March 2011

Alexandria, VA

The CI Centre provided highly popular counterintelligence, counterterrorism and security training courses to the US Intelligence Community such as CIA, NSA, DOD, DNI, Military, etc. As it was a small company, I had multiple duties:


Designed marketing material, course material, products and company material such as: Course catalogs . . . Course flyers . . . 24”x36” posters (CI timeline, courses, CI, CT and security awareness . . . Company logos/branding . . . Event logos/branding . . . Trademark logos . . . Letterhead and envelopes . . . Business cards . . . Outdoor and indoor signage . . . Website graphics . . . Course posters for clients . . . Brochures . . . Postcards . . . Rack cards . . . Folders . . . Pens . . . Memo pads . . . Certificates . . . Thank you and holiday cards . . . Promotional products . . . Covers for course readers . . . Tent cards . . . Course agendas and feedback forms . . . Advertisements . . . PowerPoint slide backgrounds and  marketing marquees . . . Created and fixed PowerPoint presentations for professors . . . Designed and formatted the NSA/IOSS “Intelligence Threat Handbook” and the “Terrorism Threat Handbook” . . . Formatted all contract proposals . . . worked with printing companies


  • Designed and redesigned, maintained and input content into the company’s website, since it started in February 2000. The site promoted the company’s training courses and posted current counterintelligence (CI) and counterterrorism (CT) news that I found each day. Site contained an extensive collection of CI and CT resources, information and reference materials.
  • Created and designed the current iteration of the site – a paid membership site: created structure, designed graphics, input and organized content
  • Created videos, podcasts for the site
  • Researched espionage/spy case information, designed the CI case template, researched/gathered over 1,000 case names to be completed in various categories such as espionage, economic espionage, leaks, security, illegal exports, foreign intelligence officers, domestic jihadists and Venona-era spy cases
  • Monitored web statistics, produced reports, worked on search engine optimization (which put the website continually on the first page of Google under the terms “counterintelligence” and “counterintelligence training”)
  • Added a mailing list signup and maintained the mailing list. Wrote, produced and sent email newsletters to members of the list; responded to online inquiries
  • Created, designed, redesigned and maintained other websites for the company, including CT, Intelligence Speakers Bureau,,,,,
  • Created a WordPress blog to monitor CI and CT news
  • Purchased and managed web server space, domain names, shared hosting, virtual private servers


  • Daily monitored, searched, collected and posted CI and CT news article summaries on company website; researched and collected material for website content
  • Researched, collected and produced case summaries and news articles when a spy case became public; extensive research and open source document collection on cases for the website: espionage, economic espionage, leaks, security, illegal exports, foreign intelligence officers, domestic jihadists and Venona-era spies including case facts, biography information, affidavits, criminal complaints, press releases, reports, news articles, photo of subject
  • Conducted research for content on two 24”x36” posters: Counterintelligence Timeline (past 100 years) and Operational Games timeline (US and Russian spies)
  • Extensive research on economic espionage for a PowerPoint presentation, instructor notes and DVD for a client
  • Extensive research on the jihadist threat doctrine for a ground-breaking CT course, compiled the reader for the course;
  • Conducted research on Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland spy sites used by foreign intelligence and their American spies (dead drop sites, signal sites, meeting sites, etc)
  • Researched/created bus routes along spy sites for SpyDrive and Hanssen SpyDrive
  • Assisted with the research of movie producers/scriptwriters Lawrence Schiller and Norman Mailer who were working on a TV movie about the Robert Hanssen case (Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen Story), assisted some of the actors in their research, such as William Hurt, Ron Silver and Wayne Knight in their research
  • Assisted TV producers on research in making spy documentaries
  • Conducted marketing and competitor research, monitored contracts
  • Conducted in-depth internet mining on special topics
  • Researched facts for counterintelligence calendar, CI quotes for website
  • Monitored course ratings, compiled statistics from course evaluations, wrote course report with feedback
  • Researched products and services for company


  • Photographed staff, professors, special events (book events, SpyCruise, SpyRetreat)
  • Photographed nearly every publically known spy site (signal sites, dead drop sites, meeting sites, event sites, embassies, spy’s homes) in the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland and Baltimore area for different courses
  • Photographed every site related to the Robert Hanssen case
  • Photographed SpyDrive sites with the hosts/guides for the media which  published the photographs all over the world in newspapers, magazines, websites
  • Collected and maintained photos, slides. Photos were used for website, course PowerPoint presentations, videos and marketing materials


  • Videoed courses, course segments, professors, special events, special speakers, spy sites, sit-down interviews with former foreign intelligence officers, b-roll.
  • Videoed a host in front of a green screen for an economic espionage PowerPoint presentation and DVD for a client as well as an altered version for the company to sell, edited video, inserted b-roll, graphics, music, rendered final into DVD.
  • Conducted all the work on 20 thirty-minute CI-TV episodes–
  • Researched source material, edited script, worked with COTR to get approval for segments and scripts, set up website so COTR could view draft videos online, set up studio with green screen and teleprompter, filmed CI-TV host Peter Earnest, edited video, inserted b-roll, titling and graphics, created opening and closing animation sequence and credits, compiled the entire 20-30 minute video, sent to captioning company to place open captions on video, converted final video into a DVD, designed and printed DVD label and case cover, delivered to client.
  • Filmed, edited and produced special CI, CT and security topics on YouTube and Sorensen 360 for the website.
  • Created video advertisements for courses, special events.
  • Created four videos set to music to introduce four different training courses.
  • Created two other videos set to music for use in courses on spy cases and reading CI books.
  • Organized company video library.


  • Served as the company security officer because of previous employment as a CIA security officer.
  • Prepared, reviewed, finalized and followed-up with security clearance paperwork for staff and professors (SF-86, releases, forms)
  • Maintained company security folders and security file paperwork, i.e. foreign national contact, foreign travel forms, SF-86, etc
  • Passed clearances of professors and staff when teaching off site
  • Liaison with client COSR and other elements of security re questions, responding to issues, scheduling polygraphs
  • Handled CIA and DOD inspections of facility


  • Researched, wrote, compiled, formatted, designed, printed and packaged contract proposals for various government Requests for Proposals (RFPs) regarding multi-year counterintelligence training.
  • Wrote and designed general, unsolicited training proposals for different clients and produced sample training budgets for them.


  • Handled calls from reporters re their requests for interviews of company professors, media included TV, radio, newspaper, wires, magazines from the US and all over the world
  • When Robert Hanssen was arrested, handled the deluge of media requests, TV interviews, Sunday talk shows, documentaries, newspaper stories, etc
  • Also handled the considerable worldwide media interest in SpyDrive
  • Made arrangements and scheduled paid interviews of the professors for documentaries
  • Monitored and assisted with media interviews of professors on site and off site
  • Assisted documentary and TV producers
  • Wrote press releases


Staff employee from July 1989 to December 1999. During ten years with the CIA, I received ten Exceptional Performance Awards.


CIA/DA/Office of Security/Advanced Investigative Element

January 1999 to December 1999

Tyson’s Corner, VA

Conducted in-depth investigations of problem security cases as a result of polygraphs of applicants, staff employees and contractors to assist in their adjudication and resolution. Conducted extensive research, reviewed files, wrote summaries, designed new security forms and templates to gather more complete information.

Program Manager/COTR

CIA/DO/Counterintelligence Center/Education Programs Branch

April 1995 to January 1999

CIA Headquarters, McLean, VA

Responsible for creating and managing a $1.5 million-dollar Agency-wide counterintelligence awareness program (called the Counterintelligence and Security Program or CISP) whose goal was to raise counterintelligence awareness throughout the CIA to a more sophisticated level and to change cultural attitudes for more buy-in and support of counterintelligence. The program was initially begun after the arrest of Aldrich Ames and was a Congressionally-mandated program whose progress was reported to Congress. Duties included creating, developing, implementing, managing, budgeting, maintaining and promoting the following initiatives, and as a result, for the first time in Agency history, information about CI was available in a variety of formats on a daily basis geared to the different ways people learn best.

Budgeting/Program Management: Planned and requested five-year budgets, resources and initiatives. Managed four independent contractors and two government contractor companies. Ensured work was done on time and within budget.

Advanced Training Courses: Two new five-day advanced counterintelligence training courses (501: An Overview of Critical Counterintelligence Issues, 502: Key Counterintelligence Events—Offensive Counterintelligence) and one new two-day tactical CI course (202: Vulnerabilities of an Intelligence Officer and Service) for all managers and employees of every directorate provided by a contractor. The initial course was piloted to a group of SIS managers then these courses were run every other week with a waiting list of six months. An altered form of the 202 course was also given to career trainees twice a year and by the direction of the DDO, a video of the 202 course was made and sent out to all stations.

CISP Briefing: A four-hour CI awareness course called “Counterintelligence and Security Program (CISP)” which was mandatory for all Agency employees after the Ames case. While this course was created and implemented before I arrived, I redid the PowerPoint presentation, tightened up the feedback process to see the results of the training and provided more information to the trainers. The course also transitioned to being run from CIC rather than by different offices.

CI Online Database: Created CI Online, a CI resource database on Lotus Notes available to all employees. Collected news, articles, case affidavits and other CI material that was continually added to this database. Served as a primary form of communication of CI awareness and training to the Agency population and promoted Counterintelligence Center’s activities.

CI-TV Videos: Created CI-TV—30 minute video programs about counterintelligence cases that were aired on the Agency’s closed-circuit TV network with a new episode airing each week. Oversaw the production and filming of 71 episodes, managed two contractor companies providing the research, host and video services. Introductions to the CI-TV videos were filmed at espionage-related sites around the greater Washington, DC area to show how espionage takes place where we live and work. Conclusions to the videos were purposefully filmed at the CIA’s Historical Intelligence Collection library in CIA Headquarters to encourage viewers to read books about intelligence and counterintelligence. Wrote advertisements for each week’s episodes which were placed in various communication vehicles including when employees first turned on their computer.

CI Documentary Videos: Managed production of other special video programs including an hour-long documentary on the Ames case called, “To Catch a Spy: The Investigation Leading to the Arrest of Aldrich Ames.” This video featured interviews with key CIA members of the investigative team. Began work on a “SpyWashington” video featuring a KGB Colonel defector looking at the city and its targets through Russian eyes.

CI and Security Video Commercials: Created and oversaw filming and production of a series of six short CI and security awareness commercials that were shown at the end of CI-TV episodes. Featuring music overlays, these commercials reminded employees of their responsibilities to protect information, report foreign contacts and travel, get EAP help for financial or alcohol problems, etc.

Special CI Briefings: Created, promoted, ran special presentations and briefings on counterintelligence in the Agency’s HQ auditorium. This included a damage assessment and denial and deception implications of the Ames case for DI officers; a first-time speech by KGB defector Yuri Nosenko; a Defensive Information to Counter Espionage briefing by ‘DICE Man’ Ray Semko; and five 501 course alumni ‘reunions’—half-day briefings on various topics with special speakers.

CI and Security Survey: Conducted a first-ever Agency-wide survey on CI and Security attitudes and awareness conducted by a professional pollster contractor.

Advertising/Marketing: Promoted and advertised the above initiatives and general CI awareness in various forms throughout the Agency and its facilities.

Through these new initiatives, the CIA became a leader in the Intelligence Community in the area of counterintelligence awareness training.

Other activities at CIC: Designed, formatted and published two training manuals on Asset Validation for the CIC Educational Program Branch office to be used in its course. Transcribed Jim Nicholson debriefings for Counterespionage Group.

Special Agent

CIA/DA/Office of Security/Investigations Division/Washington Field Office (later Headquarters Field Branch)

April 1991 to April 1995

Washington, DC

As an investigator, conducted 380+ background investigations and re-investigations of staff employees, contractors, detailees, applicants and other special cases in a 50-mile radius of the Washington, DC area. Completed high number of cases each month, responded to quick turn-around cases with tight deadlines, reports written clearly in a detailed, ‘word-picture’ manner.

Assisted ASAC in training two classes of new investigators; developed and prepared material; taught segments, reviewed performance of investigators, designed and produced an Agents Manual for trainees and investigators. Participated in 117 hours of special support work of the CIA’s mission.

Analyzed and beta-tested a new computer background investigation report system produced by a contractor; identified a large number of items to be fixed or enhanced for better and easier usability. Redesigned the background investigation report format. Wrote and designed manual for investigators on how to use the new desktop computer and Microsoft Windows, Word, Lotus Notes software.

Wrote, designed and produced a bi-monthly newsletter for the office.

Why was I in the field so long when the normal tour was 18-24 months? The Cold War ended when the Soviet Union ceased to be in December 1991 and everyone’s tours at WFO were frozen in place as the Agency and the Office of Security figured out what to do now without their primary enemy.

Administrative Assistant

CIA/DCI/Intelligence Community Staff

July 1989 to April 1991

Washington, DC

Assisted the Security, Budget & Finance, ADP, Personnel, Logistics and Publications officers of the Administration Staff in the IC Staff. Dealt and worked with senior officials from Intelligence Community agencies on a regular basis. Assisted with the production of the yearly CBJB of the US Intelligence Community.


Junior Account Executive

June 1988 to June 1989

Washington, DC

The Carmen Group at the time was primarily a Republican/conservative K Street public relations firm run by David Carmen and his father, Gerald. Worked on promoting and marketing the company’s clients, which included a high-end hotel that had just been renovated, political figures and organizations, through placements in the media. Assisted with the production of special events for clients in various venues.

Designed the company’s logo, business cards, letterhead and envelopes. Designed brochures for clients. Took photographs for clients, marketing and advertising. (Photographs included taking pictures of Margaret Thatcher and Audrey Hepburn!) 


Also known as the Barrington Courier-Review

Editorial Assistant

Summers and holidays from 1984 to 1988

Barrington, IL

During college, served in various positions at this suburban Chicago-area weekly newspaper chain, including editing and typesetting articles, producing and proofreading advertisements, assisting the classifieds section. Served as Lifestyle editor for two weeks during editor’s absence.
Volunteer Work


Video Camera Operator
Video Director
Stage Manager

McLean Bible Church/Creative Arts Ministry

January 2008 to 2019

Vienna, VA

CAMERA OPERATOR: Operate a professional Sony broadcast studio camera manually hand-held on stage and stationary on a tripod. Visually set up and frame dynamic shots of musicians, instruments, singers and speakers and follow through the shot using various camera techniques.

VIDEO DIRECTOR: Direct the video feed of up to six cameras for church services, choosing which ones go live. Direct camera operators as to their shots. Video feed is broadcast in a 3,000 seat auditorium, throughout the facility and to various additional campuses in the Washington, DC area and on the internet all over the world reaching over 15,000 each week. Work at three services most Sundays and special events throughout the year.

STAGE MANAGER: Manage the backstage at the Tysons campus helping to direct people, elements; interface with pastor and front of the house staff.

Special Events: Operated professional video camera at a conference at George Mason University’s Eagle Bank arena as well as at choral/orchestra events at the Washington National Cathedral.

Volunteer Work


Docent (Tour Guide)
Washington, DC


Tour guide at the museum after attending their extensive docent training course. Gave Sunday afternoon tours of the museum to visitors every other week as well as special VIP tours.

Designed the docent’s internal newsletter, The Paper Airplane, and later became its editor. Designed official programs for the museum’s volunteer appreciation night events. Created docent directories, flyers/posters/brochures for docent events.

Volunteer Work


October 1999 to October 2012
Pimmit Hills community in Falls Church, VA

Editor, writer, designer and producer of a multi-page community newsletter, the Pimmit Hills Dispatch, and website ( of the neighborhood I lived in as a service to the community and its Pimmit Hills Citizens Association (PHCA).

Interfaced with local advertisers, designed their paid advertisements in the paper and handled all invoicing. Also designed and worked on the many iterations of PHCA’s website for the community. Redesigned the newsletter and the website a number of times. Served on PHCA Board.




Office of Security’s Special Agents Training Course, April-July 1991

Information Elicitation Course, November 1992

Contract Familiarization, November 1997

Leadership for Supervisors, January-February 1998

While working at the Counterintelligence Center, I took a semester graduate course from the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC called “Counterintelligence in a Democratic Society”



College of Fine and Applied Arts
Urbana-Champaign, IL

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Art History with minor in Art, May 1988

Graduated with Honors
GPA 4.6 on a scale of 5.0

Served as Executive Director of the College Republicans on campus, which had 600+ members at U of I. 

Ran a state-wide convention for the Illinois College Republican Federation at U of I during 1988 presidential election.

Trained in campaign technology by Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute.

Staff member of the Illini Review monthly conservative newspaper (photography, layout, typing)



Nevada, MO

Associate of Arts degree, May 1986

Top Ten in graduating class

President’s List for three semesters

Received advanced French award and three scholarships

Vice President of Golden Keys–the official hostesses/tour guides of the college which is owned by the International P.E.O. Sisterhood organization

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society




Graduated from Barrington High School in Barrington, IL, in June 1984.

Previously attended Swarthmore High School in Swarthmore, PA