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C.S.I. Checklist

Client: 2020 to Present

Creating an idea for a service or product, building its content, and having it produced, are just the initial steps for making your idea a reality. It is the branding and marketing process that grabs the attention of your prospective clients. I was fortunate to have known Cynthia Kwitchoff and her creative skills and talents long before building her company, C.J.K. Creative. What you see here is what she created for my first of a kind ForensIQ C.S.I. Checklist™ app. The companion website and media products she developed have become the storefront for what was just an idea. She captured the essence of what I was trying to promote and gave it a sense of value and respect that is now viewed as a viable tool for crime scene first responders. C.J.K. Creative is a full-service one-stop-shop that does it all, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.

C.S.I. Checklist, created by forensic expert Tom Mauriello, is a new mobile app created to assist law enforcement and criminal investigation professionals. It provides simple check off lists of necessary steps and procedures for a successful investigation. I created a website and brochure to help him promote the app. I also assisted Tom by creating graphics for ads and social media, working on a feedback form for users via Google Forms, making sure the app payment site matched the branding, and other consulting, brainstorming, and assisting as needed with his journey to create and publish the app.

Work I Provide to Client

Website  •  Website Maintenance  •  Brochure  •  Video  •  Graphics  •  Consulting