My Mission: Make You Look Good!


Edward Mickolus, PhD

Client: 2018 to Present

Cindy isn’t just a great graphic artist—although her book covers jump out of the shelves and say “buy this book just on the beauty of the cover alone!” (and really, what else can an author want?). She’s also a careful designer of the entire work, providing layouts that are far more attractive than what I initially had in mind. She offers insightful suggestions on the content of the books, and always has helpful ideas on how to extend marketing campaigns. My using her services on multiple book projects is an indication of the high esteem in which I hold her work.

Ed Mickolus is a 33-year CIA veteran (where I first met him) and prolific author of over 48 books on a variety of topics, primarily intelligence and terrorism. I help him with the books he wants to self-publish by designing the book interiors and covers. I then handle publishing them on Amazon and Ingram-Spark as print-on-demand as well as on Kindle e-readers. I’ve designed two websites: for his business and for all his books.

Work I Provide to Client

Books  •  Book Covers  •  Kindle  •  Handling print-on-demand publishing accounts  •  Logo  •  Websites  •  Branding